This season our main exhibit will focus on


Inspired by the book of the same name by William Cronon.

We will begin with what our local area must have looked like before European settlement, how it changed when settlers came and cleared the land, planted crops, built homes, and made permanent settlements. We will look at how the land continued to change through the decades. Come take a look! You may be able to add to thestory.


We also have ongoing exhibits about our area’s history with information about past businesses, the mill, schools, and past residents and much more.  .  Please check our calendar of events and join us!

If you would like to receive notices of our events, make sure you are a member and that we have your current email address. You can also check our CALENDAR page which we are currently working on. And keep an eye on the Shopping Guide.

We also plan, once again, to be open for historical research 2 Mondays a month during July and August.

Preserving the Past, Embracing the Present, Anticipating the Future